The Haunting Dragon

Do you remember the Dragon I wrote about in my post about Skyrim? Well, it turns out, he's here to stay. I powered my 360 on the next day. Right in front of me - I saw the Dragon yet again. Fast travelling around Skyrim and finishing quests he just kept appearing. But now he … Continue reading The Haunting Dragon

The Liebster Blog Award

I got a nice little comment by Zahir yesterday. You can check his comment out for yourself here. He nominated me for "The Liebster Blog Award." Most of you probably know what kind of award this is, but since not all of you do, I'll explain it here! The Liebster Blog Award is an award … Continue reading The Liebster Blog Award

2nd Draft of Project 2 Complete!

Roughly 10 minutes ago I finished the second draft of my second (yet technically first) novel. Now awaits 6 weeks vacation for me! This means that I'll begin on the third draft on the 31st of December! ... but I probably won't since it's New Years. Which means I'll probably be busy on the 1st … Continue reading 2nd Draft of Project 2 Complete!

Questions about the Live stream

As most of you have noticed there a "Live" section of this website where you can see a direct stream from my webcam. A lot of people message me on facebook saying it's always offline and if it, on rare occasions, is online it's just an empty chair. The truth is - I'm invisible. When … Continue reading Questions about the Live stream

Project 2 update!

I wanted to publish a post about Mass Effect 2 today but since that would make five non-literature posts in a row I decided to give you a brief update instead. The work on Project 2, my debut novel, is going really well. Though I am afraid I will go beyond the 400 page limited … Continue reading Project 2 update!

Roots of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Censorship in Swedish media

Last night I finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I am awestricken by that game. If there won't be any more games in the Deus Ex franchise I feel sorry for mankind. For the next few days I will discuss my experience with the game, the Humanity+ magazine, Roots of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and connect it … Continue reading Roots of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Censorship in Swedish media

Day of rest

Day of rest

No writing done today. Instead I met some friends. It was the first time I had seen, or spoken, to anyone in a week. Sitting in your room just writing really gets to you. So this day of rest was much needed. Which makes tomorrow a day of inspiration and progress! Hopefully... - F H … Continue reading Day of rest