2nd Draft of Project 2 Complete!

Roughly 10 minutes ago I finished the second draft of my second (yet technically first) novel. Now awaits 6 weeks vacation for me! This means that I'll begin on the third draft on the 31st of December! ... but I probably won't since it's New Years. Which means I'll probably be busy on the 1st … Continue reading 2nd Draft of Project 2 Complete!

Dead lover’s scribbles.

Dead Lover's Scribbles  1.  Hollow. A bottomless hole of perdition. In my chest. Instead of a heart.    "I love you, always and forever. These feelings will never subside. I know this truly. Because you are the one."    These were not lies. I know you meant it. When you spoke. People change.    What makes them go … Continue reading Dead lover’s scribbles.

99% Complete

So, it finally happened. I have written over 400 pages. Even though it feels like a momentous achievement there is more to be done! Four more major events need to happen so it might, unfortunately, be up to another 100 pages before I call the first draft complete. That would bring me back to 80% … Continue reading 99% Complete

A Tale of Agony

A Tale of Agony "Once lovers, forged by space and time, a unity of eternity meant to last forever. However, the perfect creation cannot subject itself to its flaws, therefore honesty walks alone. Shadows of the past are lurking around every corner; the deceit yet unspoken¬†prowl between the lines. Our hopes and dreams generates the … Continue reading A Tale of Agony

Project 2 update!

I wanted to publish a post about Mass Effect 2 today but since that would make five non-literature posts in a row I decided to give you a brief update instead. The work on Project 2, my debut novel, is going really well. Though I am afraid I will go beyond the 400 page limited … Continue reading Project 2 update!

Over 75% complete!

It is done. Over 75% of my novel completed if everything goes as planned. For a few days I was afraid that I would go way beyond the 400 page limit I set myself but now it seems as if everything is back on track. Not sure what more to tell you. Everything is coming … Continue reading Over 75% complete!