A Tale of Agony

A Tale of Agony

“Once lovers, forged by space and time, a unity of eternity meant to last forever.
However, the perfect creation cannot subject itself to its flaws, therefore honesty walks alone.
Shadows of the past are lurking around every corner; the deceit yet unspoken prowl between the lines.
Our hopes and dreams generates the scars on our body, but we move on – forgetfulness is bliss, yet only a sweet lie we choose to believe in, for those memories of crystallized love will never go away, they turn to ghosts laughing at times of insecurity, just like the residents of Hell told us.

As you are surrounded by lies and corruption the innate righteousness fails to stand ground as the stalemate of morale slowly decays and prevents you from ever citing the definition of justice.
The dark void inside grows and devours all passion, leaving an empty shell behind as a reminder of who we used to be.
As one pays frequent trips to the past one realize this salvation brings a curse, because memories are static.
As the last piece of conscience falls, turning paladin to heretic, the light at the end of the tunnel seems beyond reach and thus lost forever.”

“So what became of this man we speak of”
“Fleeing the country, surrounded by a web of imaginary lies, this man lives the life of an aristocrat.
A social elite befriending men and women every day, always the centre of attention,
His charm undeniable, for it enables him to get with those he lust; a proven fact indeed.
Like Gatsby, this man created a hard maintained facade hiding a lost soul wanting to escape this world.
Though he attains those he desires they cannot ever reach his void, it requires special healing, a feeling which for him only will remain a memory.

Then it so happened that he met a friend, very familiar to him indeed, yet unknown, see – years go by and faces you know turn to those of strangers. In this case traces of the past could be found, just as all those years ago, yet everything was different. This encounter was nothing special for he could spot at least ten flaws of beauty and thus her appearance was not appealing enough to draw interest upon this corrupt spirit. Yet, something drew him towards her and they had a close encounter.

Somehow this encounter was special, for she disrupted his psyche and interrupted his thoughts, as if a spell was put by her to make him never forget, just wish and long. This feeling generated these words, as they guide my fingers, my redeemer. If all this is true, then could I not approach her and heal my wounds created by the unfaithful whore, who will be forgotten after death? No, for I could see that this woman of interested is dying inside, for I could see within her a broken heart, a suffering identical to mine. Yet her heartache will not let her move from the realm of dreams into the inferno of reality.

– An Old Memory

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