Meeting Ben Naga and Unread Sci Fi

Last Saturday I met with one of my avid readers, of whose blog I frequently visit, Ben Naga! He is an amazing person and a great poet. We had a lovely time strolling through Manchester, talking about everything from poetry (what else?) to politics and travel. If you have not visited his site and read … Continue reading Meeting Ben Naga and Unread Sci Fi

The Man in White

The Man in White Your birth will set kingdoms ablaze. You are mankind's fire. With these empty pages I change the world. Hear your name. For it is hallowed. Seypher. NOTE: I should explain here that while this poem can be read in many different ways on many different levels (such as showing how a … Continue reading The Man in White

Meeting the Archangel

Meeting the Archangel Descended thus, did he. The angel with one wing. Who are you? "I am summoned to bring forth a world of suffering." Why? "Of your past, was I, and thus the remedy for hurt. Of your present, am I, and thus embodying all woe. Of your future, will I be, and thus … Continue reading Meeting the Archangel


Spider A spider creeps up the wall It lingers in a shadow Until dawn. NOTE: This poem was originally a bit longer. I explained how the spider was gone when the light dispersed the shadow. After much rewriting (well, about 20 minutes of rewriting) everything beyond the first stanza felt redundant. Just reading "Until dawn" means the … Continue reading Spider

Of Flawed Seductions and Lonely Struggles

Of Flawed Seductions and Lonely Struggles Two days. I lost my saviour. We build cathedrals to our pain, The deeds I chose for our everlasting unity ruptured heaven. Establish monuments to attain, You fly away a one winged. Am I a freakish abomination? Freedom from all of the scars and the sins, Can I please … Continue reading Of Flawed Seductions and Lonely Struggles