Today is my birthday.

Today is my birthday which means I have a perfectly good reason to sit back, relax, and do nothing for 24h. But I won’t – because I have things to do. After reading a bit of Atlas Shrugged (what an incredible novel) I went back to editing Project 1. Now, that I have done so, I figured it was time to write a small update here. I don’t have much to say, really, since I haven’t done anything today besides working and eating cake (my girlfriend made me a wonderful cake with dinosaurs on it!). Draft 2 of Project 1 should be done, hopefully, at the end of October or early November. I’ll then revise it one more time before sending draft 3 to my beta readers.

I also have an idea for future posts on this site. After listening to countless of concept albums with rather poetic lyrics and well-crafted storytelling, such as Ayreon’s The Final Experiment, 01011001, and Kamelot’s The Dark Halo, I’d like to tell a continuous story through poetry as well. I only have rough ideas as to how the story will pan out but I figured that the full idea won’t come to me unless I start so I’ll most likely do that soon. I also have a few short stories I haven’t published here yet that might come up. We’ll have to see about that later. For now I’ll go back to enjoying my birthday and hopefully get an hour of “me-time” before bed.

It is quite interesting when I think about it – how music has replaced oral poetry. I should probably write an entry about that some day. Do you ever listen to concept albums with a story told through one or more albums?

This is me early morning when I got birthday breakfast-in-bed.

– F H  Hakansson

14 thoughts on “Today is my birthday.

    1. I have three short stories that I haven’t published yet, and a couple more that are incomplete. There’s one I’m currently sending of to Sci-Fi magazines but it opens with a sexu scene so I can see people refusing that one haha. If it doesn’t get published I’ll post it here 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy it!

  1. “After reading a bit of Atlas Shrugged (what an incredible novel) …”

    “Rand’s novels are vehicles for a system of thought known as Objectivism. Rand developed this philosophy at the length of Tolstoy, with the intellectual pretensions of Hegel, but it can be summarized on a napkin. Reason is everything. Religion is a fraud. Selfishness is a virtue. Altruism is a crime against human excellence. Self-sacrifice is weakness. Weakness is contemptible.” – Bruce Wilson.

    1. That is interesting! I’ll give it a more thorough read later. There’s actually a section in my edition of Atlas Shrugged outlining Objectivism and Rayn’s thoughts on it and how it came to be. Looking forward to that section 🙂

  2. Happy belated birthday. Also, don’t forget–NaNo is coming up in just a few days. Perhaps you could write your ‘continuous story through poetry’ for NaNo. 🙂

    1. Thank you! 😀 That’s actually a good idea! I hope I get some time left after editing Project 1 to write some poetry. I wanted to call it Epic, since that is technically the genre I’m aiming at, but I’ll refrain from using that word until it’s complete.

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