The Rag Doll

This is a peom I found in an old facebook mail I sent to a friend at the end of 2009. I don’t think it has been posted here so I’ll do it now.

The Rag Doll

After a long quest for the friendly touch,
I fell at first sight and hoped to feel your embrace.
But the fall was lethal and I woke up injured.
As I uttered my final pleading words you reacted,
and picked me up with a smile – another toy to play with.

It was a teasing encounter,
one that would be imprinted in my memory forever,
but for you it vanished,
and so did I from your memory.
There I lied with the others, forgotten, waiting to be rediscovered.

At least once a day you would glance playfully at me,
but it would be nothing more than a glare of curiosity.
And so I wondered “what do you think of me?”
“Will you one day take me for the one?”
“Or will you simply tear my soul to shreds?”

At times your hand would reach for me,
but you picked someone else.
I prayed and dreamt of the day I would hold you in my arms,
and without guilt tell you how I feel;
For us to be one at last – of course this never came to be.

Even a minute would be enough,
If I could see your face and hear your voice,
I could live on that for an eternity.
I saw you smile – but the smile was not directed at me.
And so the heart of glass which had a crevasse shattered.

… And I would rest alone for all eternity, still dreaming of you,
hoping our day would come.

– F H Hakansson

9 thoughts on “The Rag Doll

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it 🙂 I’m surprised I forgot about it before I published it because it is one of the few poems that relate to a specific time/event in my life which I think I successfully captured here.

    1. Yes. Worse because he may not ever be able to recover from his heartache – and worse because even if he moves on he might not be able to ever find such strong love again.

      Yes that is true. I suppose the rag doll is very passive in this poem. In reality this poem was based on an event in my life. I did fight all I could. Yet it was not enough. I think that was why I failed to be honest – I fought too hard.

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