The Man in White

The Man in White

Your birth will set kingdoms ablaze.

You are mankind’s fire.

With these empty pages I change the world.

Hear your name.

For it is hallowed.


NOTE: I should explain here that while this poem can be read in many different ways on many different levels (such as showing how a person shapes his or her destiny as they see fit – thus the pages are empty and the narrator’s name hallowed – and that it is easy to be lied to if you are being read a book without words without actually seeing the book for yourself. I’m not even touching on the religious aspects of the poem now). The main reason I wrote this poem, however, is because it touches a subject linking project 1 & 2 (my first and second novel). I wonder why I chose to write it now and not later when Project 2 is published but I guess I want my readers to have some kind of advantage when reading my actual published work later on.

– F H Hakansson

8 thoughts on “The Man in White

  1. When I read this poem, I felt a resonance with this poem I wrote.

    Woman in white

    Lady of Light
    Take off your robe
    Show us your eyes

    In the frigid summer

    She blows

    Bringing with Her, the smell of smokeless fire

    1. Yes! I felt it as well. Especially the line “Show us your eyes” which relates a lot, not only to my poem thematically, but also in terms of content and the fictional character this poem is based on. Thank you for sharing that with me πŸ™‚

  2. Hey I have just noticed something. The name of the character, which I supposed is to be a secret, actually appears if you’re not on the actual page (like for example if you go to November archives and read this post off there …) I guess I’m not making much sense …

    1. I know what you mean! It wasn’t meant to be like that haha. I guess those who are observant will be rewarded πŸ˜‰ Good job noticing! I actually tagged his name in a post I made way back. Didn’t mean to. I kind of did it unconsciously. Not sure if I changed it later but it was quite strange to see his name just sneak out of my novel and into the internet haha.

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