Of Flawed Seductions and Lonely Struggles

Of Flawed Seductions and Lonely Struggles Two days. I lost my saviour. We build cathedrals to our pain, The deeds I chose for our everlasting unity ruptured heaven. Establish monuments to attain, You fly away a one winged. Am I a freakish abomination? Freedom from all of the scars and the sins, Can I please … Continue reading Of Flawed Seductions and Lonely Struggles

My first love


How do I begin? How can one extract my experiences, format them into words, and make you know how I feel? Take a being like me: Handsome, charming, caring, warm and wealthy. Most have described me as perfect. Yet, I am far form it. Back then I could walk with confidence and chose my partner without any difficulty or concern for … Continue reading Hypocrisy