Dawn of Delirium

Dawn of Delirium

This was not a dream.

A woman with uncanny resemblance,

to the dead I once loved,

appeared before me

in form of blurry illuminated pixels.

I can say with the honesty of my soul,

she is the most beautiful person I have ever known,


thought of,

and longed for.


She asked to be my friend –

No! She did not.

I did, yet,

I cannot recall ever doing so.

What is this strange parasite,

lurking in my mind?

The sweat and the tears pours

and my broken heart thunders,

thinking it will be given new life.

I stand on the crossroads,

to a life I have dreamt of,

to a life I have longed for,

to a life I have died for.

My next actions will echo,

like ripples through time,

across the rest of my life,

and hers.

I pray to God

I do not mess this up.

But I have to warn you, my friend.

You have fallen for a fleeting image

you wish to be true

of a person you do not know.

Do not fall.

Not yet.

What is easy to call destiny and fate,

might be death and ruin in disguise.

– F H Hakansson

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