Of Capitalism and reworked ideology

Excerpt from the Manifesto – Project UTOPIA.

“Within a company infrastructure no man or woman may earn more than ten times the that of the lowest net income amongst its employees. This applies for eventual bonuses and non-private expenditure on the company’s behalf. In a principal world Marxist beliefs such a supreme equality would rule without question – however – such theories fail to account for the human factor. Those in power would abuse this power and thus a true Communist state is an impossibility.

Instead one has to acknowledge the difference in men. Even though all are born with life equal to that of their kin, their value depends on their role, skill, and function in society and thus changes. A poet working as an accountant does not fulfil his role properly and has less worth in said context compared to an educated accountant. The poet should remain a poet. In the same way the accountant would most likely be a very bad poet. We need to realize men and women have different worth depending on context. That is why a difference in income is a necessary evil, yet the exaggeration, as seen with the recent corporate where income and bonuses far outweighing that of other employees, is needless, unjustified, and leads to excessive luxury one man should only possess if done deeds rivalling that of a saint.

One should always, of course, be wary of corruption since men of great minds and wallets tend to find loopholes to fit their scheme. In the Parental State the ever watching eye of the government would stop all corruption before such deeds ever occur. The privacy the common folk sacrifices is a necessity to have justice. If the common folk fears loss of privacy, because of surveillance, I only need to say they have nothing to fear unless disobeying the law and indirectly work towards injustice in society.

Saying this – one needs to bear in mind one of my fundamental principles, free education, which would make every man and women achieve their dream of whatever occupation best fit their biological and mental capabilities without suffering an economic strain.”

– Stephen Reyes

2 thoughts on “Of Capitalism and reworked ideology

  1. Steve, I don’t think you thought this through. This will only encourage high company executives to cut cheap workforce and thus eliminate a lot of job opportunities. These jobs will most likely, if necessary to the company infrastructure, lead to an increase in robotics fulfilling the jobs of unemployed men and women. I understand that is partially what you want – seeing as the ultimate goal is a transhuman state – but you will never win people over if you can’t guarantee their jobs until we reach a point in time they no longer need to work (i.e. state of transhumanism and singularity).
    – FH Hakansson

    1. Since you all of a sudden decided to critique my ideology I made myself a new account, split from yours, to distinctly mark a rift in our ideological beliefs.

      Yet I must embrace all criticism I face and redirect you on the path to a new world. What you say is true – yet – I must consier all of man for it is my wish to make all of them equal without resorting to the old and flawed ideology that is Communism. Man shall be free as a liberal in equilibrium with the state and one another.

      To adress you ideas – regulations could be implement to secure the jobs of humans. One human per robot and one engineer per ten robots. That is a must. A state income ceiling could also be implement, making all men and women earn no less than $3000 a month and no more than $30000 a month. The excesse would be capital put into company and used for non-private company-paid events not gratifying groups or individual within the company more than necessary to avoid repeated luxury.

      Now – the excess earnings might be redirected into state capital to increase the Citizen Reward Points of the company employees.

      I believe that brief summary counteracts your arguments, my friend.

      – Stephen Reyes

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