End of the Rainbow



End of the rainbow

Once – I sat by a river of gold

Fishing all the unicorns I could hold

A leprechaun came to me and said:

“Oh no! They are all dead!

For this, I shall have your head!”

I chuckled and gave him a  Unicorn’s horn.

He gnawed it and said – “It’s much better than corn!”

“Yes, but do you know what is better than this bone?”

“Oh, tell me, I am so keen!”

“Magical midgets dressed in green.”

– F H Hakansson

11 thoughts on “End of the Rainbow

    1. haha, of course I can 😀 When the narrator says “‘Magical midgets dressed in green.'” at the end he is referring to the Leprechaun, which means that the narrator’s intention was to eat the Leprechaun all along 🙂
      For the Leprechaun this is ironic since the narrator already made the Leprechaun eat some of the magical creatures (the Unicorns) and thus the Leprechaun accepted the fact that one is allowed to eat others. The Leprechaun did, in other words, sign his own death warrant when he did so because he was greedy and liked the taste of Unicorn without ever thinking that he himself is a magical creature that can be eaten.

      That was probably a bad explanation haha 😦

      1. Haha I have always been really bad at explaining things (yet I decided to be an author. What a great combination). But I’m glad I could clear things up 🙂

        and I go to your site like every day hoping there’s something new. Too bad I can’t understand what you’re tweeting about haha. Guess I’ll have to use google translate.

  1. Haha I don’t tweet much anyway so don’t worry you’re not missing out on anything really. And I did what you asked and made a new poem. It’s short but the funny thing is, I once made this poem and It was fricking long and I loved it then, but now I think it makes no sense, and I tried and remade the poem and now its fricking short!! lol

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