A poem by a friend

After my interview in the local paper a man, another writer, contacted me. We talked and exchanged work - something many writers do. He has a homepage which is, unfortunately, in Swedish only. Luckily for my readers he has written a few poems in English. Since I encourage you to send me your work for me … Continue reading A poem by a friend


Damien The Jews are since long back in Zion, and along with the Holy Roman Empire, They witnessed the comet in the sky, As it approached and divided mankind, Turning them against each other. Savage beasts in human form roamed the land, killing the unborn and feeding on the dead. This was a battle that … Continue reading Damien

Day of rest

Day of rest

No writing done today. Instead I met some friends. It was the first time I had seen, or spoken, to anyone in a week. Sitting in your room just writing really gets to you. So this day of rest was much needed. Which makes tomorrow a day of inspiration and progress! Hopefully... - F H … Continue reading Day of rest