A poem by a friend

After my interview in the local paper a man, another writer, contacted me. We talked and exchanged work – something many writers do. He has a homepage which is, unfortunately, in Swedish only. Luckily for my readers he has written a few poems in English. Since I encourage you to send me your work for me to publish (the editing post I mentioned earlier is coming – please be patient) I thought it would be nice to publish one of his poems here! With his approval of course. If you live in the south of Sweden (Skåne) I think you will find his website interesting as he not only publish poems and such but also reports on local events and hosts a few services you can utilize if you want.

Day Versus Night.

In the beginning there was no light

There was only dark.

Everything you know began with a spark.

There at the dawn of time there was only dark.

Then the light put up a fight.

And the day defeated the night.

In those old days the light became king.

But for most those days now don’t mean a thing.

In our early years the darkness sneaked its way in.

The light slowly became kind of dim.

Since the process was severely slow,

no one really noticed that the way did no longer show.

When finally yesterday became today,

the light was no longer bright but grey.

Now our only hope is that the light will repay,

or else in the future we will live in no less

-than darkness.

Life is yours, if you will take it.

You can set your own course, if you can make it.

©tpL 2009.

I will add a “Submit!” page once I have published the editing assignment since most people seem confused as how to contact me. It is easy really – just write a comment anywhere and I will see it before it gets published. So far a few of you have done that but most seem to send me messages on Facebook, which is fine, but it would be easier if I get everything related to the site here.

– F H Hakansson

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