Object Poem!

Now this poem I actually really like! We were given different objects in class which we had to include in a poem we wrote. I can’t remember exactly what these objects were but reading the poem again I think it was a guitar tab, a USB memory, matches, chopsticks and a gnome. The result is this poem!

I Married a Horse on Christmas

When segments of frozen water dance outside the window,

Children leech upon their parents savings and still ask for more.

To gain some hope, we light a candle,

With forgotten matches found on the table.

They came from the restaurant of love, where I once met my dove.

As the chopsticks threw my food on the floor I saw a pair of legs,

Fit as they were, and man as I am, I tried to see some more.

I bent down and notices a disfigured and tiny man,

Who jumped from her purse as she turned and walked away.

I picked him up and stroked the woman’s shoulder,

A touch which turned into a conversation filled with lust,

She lent me her bracelet as proof we would meet again.

Now we’re bound by God and the divine,

Which in reality is her lawyer with a fine.

Now I’ll use the power of the USB to see what it can do for me,

As I grab my guitar tab and create new songs;

Tonight I want to capture her body and heart,

Because the little ones are about to depart.

To explain the poem for the slightly illiterate: It’s a poem about a man lighting matches on Christmas, thinking back on the day he first met his wife. As he thinks back he uses a USB device (a microphone but it is not said in the poem) to record songs for his wife because their children are about to leave for collage.

It is a very surreal poem, with a tiny gnome being the factor brining the man together with his future wife,  which is reflected in the title (which I actually made up really quickly as I posted it here since I realized the poem didn’t have one). It is also, in a sense, surreal because of the random element given to it be the forced inclusion of certain said objects. I remember my poetry teacher (Luke Kennard) really enjoying this poem and I can see why.

In other new – I found a Dell charger which is kind of compatible with my laptop so I used it to copy all my work from the first year of University onto a USB. Expect more crap to come!

– F H Hakansson

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