My interview

The interview with me was published yesterday in Ystads Allehands. It is, unfortunately, in Swedish so you can’t read it. Luckily I’ll provide you with summarising bullet points.

  • The headlines is: “His dreams become science fiction.”
  • My burning interest for writing took me to the University of Birmingham to get my BA in English with Creative Writing.
  • I discuss why I write in English instead of Swedish – which is because the science fiction genre is very small in Sweden.
  • Some details about how it was at the University, such as that I only had 2h of seminars/lectures each week the last term, but still had to spend 8h a day in the library with my own study.
  • That overall it is nicer to live in Sweden (mainly for aesthetic reasons) but the low price of goods and all-around services in the UK is a good reason to live there.
  • That I wanted to be a geneticist at first but decided that writing was the only right thing for me.
  • I moved from Ystad to my own apartment in Malmö when i was 15 to go to an international high school (IB).
  • I have very vivid dreams and they often help me get ideas for my writing. I also daydream a lot.
  • I describe myself as a minimalist author with a very dense and fast paced narrative.
  • Right now I make a living by helping my father manage his estates.
  • I believe that books, movies, plays, and video-games are all part of the same medium and I would consider becoming a script-writer for video games if I can’t get published.
  • What I hope to accomplish with my writing is to evoke a strong emotional connecting with the reader, one that will last and make him remember my work forever, and hopefully change the reader in a positive way – As if experiencing a powerful epiphany.
– F H Hakansson

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