Poem for a friend

I wrote this poem for a friend at University. It was her birthday and she wanted a poem (a request I get far too often). I wasn’t planning on doing it but I had a lot of spare time just the week before her birthday so I wrote it quickly. This poem is extremely cheesy, just to warn you, but it made her happy and that was the whole point.




As when faeries walk the land,
a leprechaun for the lucky; giving gold in hand

So do you; like them, grant us happiness,
not with gifts, but with your presence unique.

A smile, your voice, and we all feel secure
like an animal stuffed, a cuddly one, you are our cure

For sadness and depression does not reach your way,
For you are the moon, reflecting the light of joy,

Guiding us through darkness;
you are never heartless.

Thus it is proven that you will always be our friend,
you will remain a memory passing the test of time,

For you are the one that makes us whole,
thus you will forever live in our soul.

– F H Hakansson

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