Over 50% completed!

For the alert readers out there you might have noticed that the percentage mark on my “completion scale” for my first novel has reached past 50%! Which is great new. This means I believe more than half of my novel has been completed.

If I am honest – I didn’t actually like my novel (project 2) that much in the beginning because I thought it was inferior to my first novel (project 1). But now I see its charm. It is good. Very good actually. The whole novel is structured like a complicated puzzle that won’t be solved until the very last page of the novel, and when you reach that last page, you want to read the novel again because everything finally makes sense to you. Imagine the finest criminal fiction drama set in a futuristic, and unique, post-apocalyptic environment – squared! That’s how good it is!

Still – In my eyes Project 1 is even more powerful than the bible. But that is probably just me.

Also, my readers are actually coming in contact with me. They are asking questions and wondering about me. Who is this strange guy thinking he is the next big thing in sci-fi? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I will answer all of your questions soon enough! I will actually open a Q&A section on the page where I publish all your questions, with answers of course, and there will be room beneath to ask more questions that I will answer.

But first I will do something else. A reader contacted me about a piece he wrote. It is a short story. He wanted me to read it and give comments. What I told him was that I will give him a detailed comment, and even edit it, if I’m allowed to publish his text on this website completely unedited. That way my readers (you guys) can get a detailed and unique insight into how I write, work, and edit – and the poor guy who sent me his text will hopefully improve as a writer as well.

I will do this in a few days. Not sure when. Been busy doing strange things lately (like eating amazingly large and tasty burgers). Yet I promise there will be at least one new post each day! So keep coming and tell your writing friends about this site. It is vital that writers come together, share work, and discuss.

Therefore I will read any work sent to me and publish it on this site, unedited, with a comment from me on what I thought about it, how I think you should edit it, and how you should change it. Then I hope other brilliant writers will comment on my comment, and the text itself. My opinion is after all just one of many.

– F H Hakansson

2 thoughts on “Over 50% completed!

  1. Hey OMD, I was thinking of sending you a short story I’m currently writing to get your opinion ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m guessing you’re too busy though … and your email account is probably overflowing with spams (i.e. Espressivo “new post”s!! :P)
    ” will actually open a Q&A section on the page where I publish all your questions ” – has this happened?

    1. You can send it! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ll give you my email on facebook or something (or you can just send it there even though the formatting tends to be wrong). But yes – I am quite busy :p oh well… Will still find time to read your short story though ๐Ÿ˜‰

      The QA hasn’t happened yet. I do have a list of things people have asked me but I’m not sure when I’ll implement it. Probably not until my novel is closer to publication.

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