Project 1 & 2 update

In two hours I will receive the last phone call from my beta readers with feedback on Project 2. I will then proceed to edit the text once more before sending it to my tutor (when he becomes available. He's in the USA at the moment). I also resumed Project 1! This is very exciting … Continue reading Project 1 & 2 update


There they stood, the man containing the Core of the universe and the man dressed in white showing but one inhumane eye, gazing upon the rising tower of metal. The pinnacle of man's race - When the sun rose to wake another day they were gone, gone without a trace Babylon, craving in lucidity Babylon, … Continue reading Babylon

The prophecy of Atlas Shrugged and Third Draft Complete!

I would like to mention that the third draft of my novel, Project 2, is completed and I will send the draft to people later today for review and feedback. Meanwhile I'll work on my query letter. It truly feels like things are starting to get serious now.   On another note. I have a … Continue reading The prophecy of Atlas Shrugged and Third Draft Complete!

Human Version 2.0

Fun fact: 10 minutes ago I thought it was Monday today. Anyway! I'm back from Christmas celebrations. How fun it was. I ate a Christmas cake. Cut right through Santa's face to get a slice. That's how naughty I am! I still managed to get some gifts (can you believe it?) I have written a few poems … Continue reading Human Version 2.0

Minor Update (and Star Wars: The Old Republic)

I'm halfway through my vacation now. Which means that in three weeks time I'll initiate the third edit of Project 2. Even though I am enjoying "doing nothing" I feel lazy and unproductive so I literally can't wait to get started with my writing again! Meanwhile I'd thought I'd give you a quick insight into my life … Continue reading Minor Update (and Star Wars: The Old Republic)