Project 1 & 2 update

In two hours I will receive the last phone call from my beta readers with feedback on Project 2. I will then proceed to edit the text once more before sending it to my tutor (when he becomes available. He's in the USA at the moment). I also resumed Project 1! This is very exciting … Continue reading Project 1 & 2 update

The prophecy of Atlas Shrugged and Third Draft Complete!

I would like to mention that the third draft of my novel, Project 2, is completed and I will send the draft to people later today for review and feedback. Meanwhile I'll work on my query letter. It truly feels like things are starting to get serious now.   On another note. I have a … Continue reading The prophecy of Atlas Shrugged and Third Draft Complete!

iPhone 4S, Siri, and Denise

The iPhone 4S has been announced and so far the internet community is enraged. Well, not me, of course. I am a bit disappointed with the hardware specs but the iPhone was never known for that to begin with. No Apple products are. They are know for their software. Since the old iPhones can upgrade … Continue reading iPhone 4S, Siri, and Denise