Lucky 7 Meme

4AM Writer tagged me for the Lucky 7 Meme.

The rules are as follows:

Open your novel-in-progress and do the following:

1. Go to page 77.

2. Go to line 7.

3. Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs as they are written.

4. Tag 7 new authors.

Technically, I just resumed Project 1 (I’m rewriting the whole thing) so I can’t go to page 77 (except in the old draft but I won’t do that). Instead I’ll give you an extract from Project 2!

“Damien!” Vidarr yelled from across the hall. Everyone silenced and turned away from each other.

“– a rat’s anus.” The old man whispered.

Someone smacked the old man across the back of his head. He fell forward, and down onto the floor. Quiet giggles spread like wildfire through the crowd.

“I see you’ve met the locals. Very good. I knew you’d fit in. Come, let me show you to your room.” Vidarr said and walked away.
I followed him, stepping over the unconscious old man. When I came to the end of the hall, I saw a woman wearing black clothes, fitted so tight she appeared naked, and high heels, calves high boots, of the same style and colour as her dress. Her face and figure were beyond flawless, skin perfectly bronzed, hair shimmering and golden. I knew such perfect women, and that they were not human.

Thank you Kathryn, this was rather fun! Instead of nominated 7 people I’ll simply let my readers tag themselves in the comments and pass on the Lucky 7 meme. Also, I’m publishing a post tomorrow informing you of my progress with both Project 2 and Project 1!

– F H Hakansson

6 thoughts on “Lucky 7 Meme

  1. Cool excerpt. I’m not tagging myself, by the way, because that would be silly. 🙂 But I wanted to comment on your piece to let you know how much I liked it.

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