Midsummer Amnesia

I just came back from celebrating Midsummer’s Eve. In Sweden it’s a major holiday (in case you didn’t know). It was fun, I have to say, but I did miss not being able to work. I am still waiting for the majority of the agents to respond. Even though I have been rejected five times I am not feeling down. Why? Because they were positive rejections. They liked my work!  Let’s just hope that the next agent who likes it feel they are the right agent for the project.

For everyone else: Here’s a Midsummer Poem!

Midsummer Amnesia

We dance dance dance

round round round

and pour pour pour.

Down goes the schnapps.

Oh boy, is it warm in here?

Yes – I better get undressed.

The genitals wobble and the girls drip wet.

The liquid pours down throat and face

(another generation wasted on euphoria)

but what does it matter?

The day’s gone in Amnesia!

– F H Hakansson

4 thoughts on “Midsummer Amnesia

  1. Good to hear from you 🙂 And I’m glad you don’t feel down about the agents’ responses. I’m sure one will agree to publish your project!

    1. I guess it would be a lot worse if I got a flat out “NO.” They all said something positive about it. The best response I got was an agent who didn’t have time to represent any more authors, but that I could enquire him again if I noticed that he dropped some of them (on his website).

  2. I am really happy that you aren’t fretting over the rejections, too. I have to say that getting a straight-up ‘no’ as opposed to silence is actually surprising (at least, in my experience). I am also happy they like your work. Are you sending out sample pages or a synopsis?

    Sounds like Midsummer’s Eve is quite the raucous fete! 🙂

    1. I agree! Let’s hope I at least get a “no” from all of the agents I haven’t heard from yet instead of silence. It depends, some agents only want the query letter, some want query + synopsis, and others request query + sample pages (usually 10 – 50 pages).
      I have to confess that my synopsis was a bit weak when I sent it to the first 10 agents… So I improved it later on (a bit too late maybe but at least the five last agents got the revised version).

      Oh, yes it is! 😉

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