Domesticated Fools

Domesticated Fools

The vision comes to life

now more vivid than ever.

I tame the demons with pen and paper

but I spill the ink and the quill breaks.

I gather the writings before they consume me

and toss them around great men with money.

They sneer and turn

Ah, the ignorant bastards!

For the muse of fire had brought a warning

of a future to create

a future to save.

For I hold more power within my fingers

than any mortal born on Earth.

See you not my force of will?

The burning skies

and flights of fallen angels

is my warning to heed

and give onto you

while you hold your hands

covering your ears.

– F H Hakansson

2 thoughts on “Domesticated Fools

  1. Mmm, this one is a thinker for sure! The speaker’s voice sounds like an orator, like a man in politics, and now that he has the power he’s going to use it any way he can. At least this is what I envisioned, could be wrong. Great stuff, Fredrik

    1. Those were my thoughts exactly! I wanted the narrator to be a wise man with many ideas but with no real means to convey them efficiently. Thus he fears that he will never be able to get the attention of the masses or anyone with enough money and/or influence to help him.

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