Human Version 2.0

Fun fact: 10 minutes ago I thought it was Monday today.

Anyway! I’m back from Christmas celebrations. How fun it was. I ate a Christmas cake. Cut right through Santa’s face to get a slice. That’s how naughty I am! I still managed to get some gifts (can you believe it?)

I have written a few poems during the break. They are saved as drafts on the site and I’ll publish them later. They are mainly inspired by recurring dreams I have experienced the past few weeks and are written in a disjointed style made to accurately reflect the randomness of thoughts in my mind. Thus parts of these poems are written in Swedish (but there will be a translation of the Swedish lines in hard brackets so don’t worry).

Meanwhile I recommend that you watch this documentary! It is the BBC Horizon episode entitled “Human Version 2.0.” Not only is it extremely interesting but it really helps you understand some of the themes and events being treated in Project 2. I know it’ll take a long time before it’s published (if it ever is) but that’s not a reason not to watch this documentary right now. It’s good to be up-to-date with science!

– F H Hakansson

13 thoughts on “Human Version 2.0

  1. Right thru Santa’s face. Sweet! lol

    Glad to see that you had a great holiday. Looking forward to reading your new poems and very glad that there will be translations. I’d still read them without but I’d definitely get google translator up and running in another window to assist. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m glad to be back 😀
      I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well! Haha, no worries. I wouldn’t want reading my poems any harder than it already is for my readers 😉 I am so thankful for google translate. It has helped me a countless number of many times.

    1. Thank you! I just read through them… they are quite vile, graphic, and strange to be honest. I have no idea what they are about. Still they are written and shall be published.
      I hope you have a lovely year as well! 😀

  2. You’re inspired by your dreams, too! I’ve had the most wonderful/creepy dreams lately, they are almost haunting me. Yes, I can still believe Santa got you gifts even though you slit his face for cake. Santa is cool like that! 😀 He probably liked this sudden rush of adrenaline … I mean when you think about it he’s been delivering gifts once a year for I do not know how many years. It was about time something exciting happened to him, don’t you think? 🙂

    1. Yes I am! Project 2 is actually based on a dream I had once haha 😀 Sounds intriguing. Any repetitive dreams you care to share?
      Haha, I completely agree with you 😉 Santa must have enjoyed my minor naughty action. I hear promises of cake next year as well so I hope Santa’s ready for more slicing!

      1. You know apparently Stephenie Meyer had a dream about vampires and decided to make a novel out of it and then Twilight was born 🙂 Hehe you could be the next Stephenie Meyer!
        Oh the other day I had that kind of dream that keeps you dreaming about it after you wake up … the dream was a bit complex though, it’s a bit hard to explain though. There was a period when all I dreamt about was boats. Weird.

      2. Haha who knows? Though I would actually call it a nightmare if I dreamt about sparkling vampires 😉
        I love those kinds of dreams. Especially since your semi-conscious state can alter the events in the dream and thus you can truly explore the inner depths of your mind! Been a while since I had one of those if I’m honest :/
        Haha boats? I wonder what Freud would say about that 😉

  3. Thanks so much for drawing this to my attention! I am very grateful.

    We usually watch anything on “Horizon” that looks interesting, although I always have a problem with their restricted ( read “small minded” not to mention “small hearted”) world view. This documentary is no exception.=

    While watching, I kept remembering that while I was doing so thousands of human beings were starving to death or dying through diseases vaused as a result of chronic malnutrition. Maybe these well-heeled scientists might be better exercising their talents in an attempt to get Version 1 right.

    Attaining the Singularity under the political and social set-up we have currently seems likely to do little more than acerbate the obscene injustices, inequalities and inhumanities that pass themselves as “human”.

    1. You’re welcome! It is truly a great documentary I wish everyone to see. I can’t even begin to image how our life and our society will change in the next 30 – 40 years.

      I agree. There is so much else that these scientist can focus on than creating Gods. But who knows – maybe these Human version 2.0s will have all the answers we have been struggling to get?

      Yes. I believe that if there is not a war when we reach the singularity there will at least be a revolution. Let’s hope that however it ends – it is for the greater benefit of mankind and that these new humans are more like Superman than Skynet.

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