Project 2 Update

I spent the last three days going through a manuscript I received with corrections and suggestions on how to improve the novel. It also seems my tutor is too busy with his own novel right now that he might not be able to provide me with feedback (oh well). So I might actually start sending query letters in a week or two! How fun. Meanwhile: Here’s a picture of the manuscript printed in font size 11 on A4 pages. Yes, it is a massive novel.

– F H Hakansson

6 thoughts on “Project 2 Update

  1. OMMGGGGGG 😀 I am SO excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That photo makes me want to read the draft sooo bad!!!

  2. This is very exciting. That’s too bad that your tutor can’t give feedback right now. But it sounds like you’re feeling confident, so I agree with you–just go for it! Good luck.

    1. I’m glad you’re excited for me! And I do feel confident in my work now. I have spent so much time revising it I think further meddling with the text only lowers the quality. Thanks! I need that good luck 🙂

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