Prada Creative Writing Competition

Believe it or not, but Prada is having a short story competition! I read about it a week ago but forgot to mention it. The prompt, and description, is as follows: “What are the realities that our eyes give back to us? And how are these realities filtered through lenses?” By using the metaphor of … Continue reading Prada Creative Writing Competition

“Our Masters” is up on LitReactor!

My short story, Our Masters, is up for the "Teleport Us" Sci-Fi writing event over at LitReactor. You can find my story here! ( I would be incredibly happy if you read, rated, and commented on it (truthfully! If it is bad, please be honest and say so, and offer advice on improvement). You need to be a member … Continue reading “Our Masters” is up on LitReactor!

The God of all Mass

The God of all Mass A Comic Free Verse Poem Stacy and Brenda Were two friends in school And then came collage And the two were no more. For when one combines genes With delicious ice – cream and sweets It seems Stacy grew beyond  her fragile contour. Brenda was now a leader of cheer … Continue reading The God of all Mass

Vivid, Livid, Breathing Ground

_ moved closer to the ground. A wounded bird had fallen on a pile of dirt. Black legs rose from below and tore at its feathers. Rotten nails clipped the wings off the creature. The fowl squealed one last time before falling  into darkness. The dark limbs followed the bird's descent. I placed my ear against the soil and heard … Continue reading Vivid, Livid, Breathing Ground


There they stood, the man containing the Core of the universe and the man dressed in white showing but one inhumane eye, gazing upon the rising tower of metal. The pinnacle of man's race - When the sun rose to wake another day they were gone, gone without a trace Babylon, craving in lucidity Babylon, … Continue reading Babylon

Dead lover’s scribbles.

Dead Lover's Scribbles  1.  Hollow. A bottomless hole of perdition. In my chest. Instead of a heart.    "I love you, always and forever. These feelings will never subside. I know this truly. Because you are the one."    These were not lies. I know you meant it. When you spoke. People change.    What makes them go … Continue reading Dead lover’s scribbles.

A Tale of Agony

A Tale of Agony "Once lovers, forged by space and time, a unity of eternity meant to last forever. However, the perfect creation cannot subject itself to its flaws, therefore honesty walks alone. Shadows of the past are lurking around every corner; the deceit yet unspoken prowl between the lines. Our hopes and dreams generates the … Continue reading A Tale of Agony