“Our Masters” is up on LitReactor!

My short story, Our Masters, is up for the “Teleport Us” Sci-Fi writing event over at LitReactor. You can find my story here! (http://litreactor.com/events/teleport-us/our-masters)

I would be incredibly happy if you read, rated, and commented on it (truthfully! If it is bad, please be honest and say so, and offer advice on improvement). You need to be a member of LitReactor to do this but it’s rather easy to join. And hey – you can even submit your own stories there for future events! Also, don’t forget to read the other entries for the event. Some of them are really good!

It’s rather funny – I worked hard to get the story done in time which was stressful since I had another deadline, applications to fill out, and a telephone interview to prepare for – but the moment I pressed submit I felt my throat clog up and now I have a terrible cold. I’m lucky it didn’t come a few hours earlier. Truth be told, I actually wanted to revise Our Masters one last time before submitting but I was pushing the deadline.


And now – A quick shout-out to Pete Denton! He asked me to do a “The Next Big Thing” post modelling his own. I will do it soon! I just need to rest for a day to get rid of the cold now when all my deadlines have passed.

I’m also working to get the Live Stream back online. Don’t know what happened to it but since I don’t have rigid working hours at the moment I didn’t bother fixing it. I have one more short story to write before I start Project 3 – which means I will be using the live stream on occasion from then on.

Now I’m heading out (dressed in fifteen and a half layers of clothing) to pick up some new books from the Science-Fiction Bookstore (which is a literal translation from Swedish) and some ice cream for my throat (even though it might not be the best thing to eat).

– F H Hakansson

6 thoughts on ““Our Masters” is up on LitReactor!

  1. I’m glad you were able to submit the story before getting sick. It’s funny how our bodies react to stress and anxiety. I’m sure your story is wonderful. I’m not a sci-fi reader. I tried to critique a friend’s sci-fi novel, and I focused a lot on elements that apparently aren’t important in sci-fi. So, I wasn’t very helpful. I since decided that I won’t try to help people who wrote books in this genre because I am simply not knowledgeable enough, and I don’t want to screw things up for them.

    So, that said, I hope you do really well. And if you ever write something that’s not sci-fi, I will be happy to read and give you feedback. 🙂

    1. So am I! Would have been really upsetting if I missed the deadline or had to stay in bed during the last rush hour of revision.
      It is rather difficult to critique genres we are not familiar with – I know. Well – if you feel adventurous you know where to find the short story. Maybe you’ll enjoy it more than you think? 😉
      I have a few plans for non-Sci-Fi material actually. I just need the time to write it. If it happens I’ll be sure to let you know! Thanks for stopping by Kate! 😀

  2. Haha, ice-cream!! Of course you’d go for ice-cream … 😛 no but anyway, to the most important topic now, it’s really cool that your story is up for the event!! Congratulations. 🙂 Hope you get well soon and start blogging again, hahaha.

    1. Haha, and I ate all of it in like 5 min, but I feel really guilty being gluttonous when I can’t work out and burn it off.
      Thanks! 😀 I really hope you swing by and rate it! It would mean a lot to me! And yes – I’ll definitely do my best to be more active with my blogging (and all social media. I need to learn to update my twitter more often. I can’t keep all my silly thoughts to myself.) It’s good to see you again 🙂

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