The God of all Mass

The God of all Mass

A Comic Free Verse Poem

Stacy and Brenda

Were two friends in school

And then came collage

And the two were no more.

For when one combines genes

With delicious ice – cream and sweets

It seems Stacy grew beyond

 her fragile contour.

Brenda was now a leader of cheer

and the Queen of all beds

for her slim back seemed glued

to the floor near all boys.

Yet in Stacy’s purse

A necklace she kept

As a reminder of times

When Brenda was hers.

One a day so special

It seems no one knew

Stacy had a crush

On the quarterback Ben.

She asked him for some time

He sneered and said “Slime!”

Stacy ran and cried

But still spied on poor Ben.

In came Brenda

Who fell to her knees

And pleasured a smiling Ben

While Stacy still watched.

In her confinement at home

Stacy wanted to leave

The whole world behind

And drift as a spirit through time.

She prayed one last time,

But oh, how silly, no one replied.

Yet somehow from space

A charming man appeared.

“I am Higgs Boson,”

Said the strange man in suit,

“and I heard your prayer,

as I flew across space.”

“But what can you do?

You are but a man!”

“Oh, silly Girl,

The God of all Mass – Is what I am!”

With a flick of Higgs’ wrist

Stacy went to sleep

And had a sweet lovely dream

Of the life she could not have.


When she woke up that morning

It seemed all fat was gone

She was thin once again!

 On her way to school

Stacy heard a scream

And through a window in town

A horror she beheld!

Brenda woke up,

Covered in sweat,

Fat as lard,

Agile as a snail.

“What’s this?

How can it be?

I’m supposed to be pretty,

I’ve become like my old friend!”

Stacy snickered and ran

To the school’s field of play

Where boys threw balls,

Nearly imitating dogs.

Ben saw her new shape,

And smiled to himself.

He apologized so much

And promised to be nice.

Many years later

The two stood dressed in white.

Brenda had been invited

Had she still lived.

As Ben and Stacy kissed

She suddenly remembered

Of the old man named Higgs

Who gave her his charm.

For many years thereafter

She searched far and wide

For the man dressed in a suit

To give thanks and goodbye.

Yet Higgs Boson was nowhere to be found

He had gone to Europe

On a vacation

Deep underground.

– F H Hakansson

9 thoughts on “The God of all Mass

  1. I enjoyed several belly laughs here. Much fun. 😀 Cleverly constructed and a welcome change from the main stream of what one reads here at WP.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😀 And the God of Mass is simply the embodiment of the Higgs Boson Particle. So no specific religion for him/it 🙂

  2. Ohh, I think I once knew a few Brendas in college. Poor things. Wonder if they will all get their just desserts like you served this one 🙂

    1. It makes me really happy to hear this! 😀 You know, I’m actually thinking of submitting some short stories for publication. Might be fun to see what happens.

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