A few minutes ago I shed a tear. Two in fact. Tears of joy. I honestly cannot recall the last time that happened. Was it something wonderful I ate? Or maybe I cried when laughing with a friend? The first draft of my novel is finished. 124 873 words. I can finally play Battlefield 3 … Continue reading Finished

99% Complete

So, it finally happened. I have written over 400 pages. Even though it feels like a momentous achievement there is more to be done! Four more major events need to happen so it might, unfortunately, be up to another 100 pages before I call the first draft complete. That would bring me back to 80% … Continue reading 99% Complete

Prose piece – first chapter of an untitled novel

As mentioned in yesterday's post: this was a University assignment that I chose to publish without making any additional editing. Styles change and I know this piece does not reflect my writing as it is now. Still - it functioned as a step in the giant ladder I'm climbing to become an author - and … Continue reading Prose piece – first chapter of an untitled novel

Day of rest

Day of rest

No writing done today. Instead I met some friends. It was the first time I had seen, or spoken, to anyone in a week. Sitting in your room just writing really gets to you. So this day of rest was much needed. Which makes tomorrow a day of inspiration and progress! Hopefully... - F H … Continue reading Day of rest