Project 1 finished!

When I worked on Project 1 yesterday I reached 100 000 words and thought “I am nowhere near done!” I had over 20 000 words left to rewrite and that still only accounted for half the novel. But publishing a YA novel with over 200k words is impossible for someone like me. Then, while pondering, I re-read what I had just written and realized I had the end. The scene I had just written was a  perfect ending. The problem was that it was supposed to end a minor story-arch and lacked a climactic resolution. So I grabbed a scene from later in the novel and placed it right above the 100k ending. Perfect fit! All of a sudden it was done. Project 1 was complete. It needs a sequel, no doubt, but it’s a full circle. Even if I die tomorrow my work could stand alone. And guess what? It’s a happy ending. I’ve never written a happy ending before. All because I had to turn Project 1 into two novels.

Now I’ll take a break, write some poetry, hopefully a few short stories, and then edit Project 1 when I get back from America. I am feeling very positive overall. While I am still waiting for 3/4 of the agents I queried to get back to me a few who replied stated Project 2 seemed good and well crafted but they wished it was YA (why ever would people stop reading Science Fiction when they grow up?). Well here you go YA agents! I’ll query you on project 1 in 5 months or so. Hope you like it!

– F H Hakansson

15 thoughts on “Project 1 finished!

    1. THANK YOU! 😀 It feels unreal to have it complete because that’s how it all began, back when I was 15. I went to University and studied Creative Writing to finish it. Now it’s done. I pray people will enjoy it!

  1. Young Adult is the rage man! It’s easy to publicize and teenagers try things out of peer pressure. But worry not, though the majority might not be nerds, but I’m sure your books would appeal to the nerds (no offense intended) and If it’s cool enough, it just might end up in the hands of a popular student and then the whole student body would follow 🙂

    I hope everything works out well for you. I kinda look up to you a lot in regards of being a writer, so no wonder I want you to succeed. 😀

    1. I am quite the nerd myself so I do hope it appeals to people like me! 😀 It would only be natural. We’ll see what happens but I do hope Project 1 gets my name out there is project 2 fails.
      Thank you! You have no idea how much that means to hear from a fan! 😀 I promise to do everything in my power to succeed!

  2. Hooray you for completing your novel. That definitely deserves a night out on the town. I know what you mean about YA. When I pitched my novel last year at the WD conference in NYC, one of the agents said almost exactly those same words, “sounds like a great, compelling story, but I wish it was YA”. Ugh.

    Everyone else can write YA. I’ll do something different, thank you very much. 🙂

    Enjoy this little break of yours and have fun in America!

    1. Thank you! It’s really annoying and just as you say – the YA market will become over-saturated while there is nothing unique and compelling left for adults except criminal fiction. I hope there’s a change soon. I hardly find newly published material I am genuinely interested in.
      I will! Have got a lot of stuff planned before America. I need this time off so I can dive right into Project 3 with new energy and inspiration when I get back!

  3. Alls well that ends well, so to speak! Congratz! I know the feeling, its gooood! Im getting near an end in part two in my own trilogy project. But my writing focus lays in personal evolution. Take care!

    1. No worries! I’m a bit late with updating and checking comments as well. Lots of things happening right now (going away soon). Thank you! 😀 I hope you’ll be able to enjoy it not too far from now!

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