My Treasured Friend

My treasured friend.

When did you become

so cold?

When did your eyes roll back

and ashen?

When did your heart skip a beat

and slumber?

Did you not remember

your friends?


You forsake me in times of need.

That is why I slumber.

You see

I was already gone.



– F H Hakansson

11 thoughts on “My Treasured Friend

  1. cold – cold skin when someone dies
    eyes roll back and ashen – eyes become dark?
    hearts starts sleeping , so he/she is dead.

    OBVIOUSLY this is not what you meant.

  2. When did you become so cold – When did you stop caring about me?
    When did your eyes roll back and ashen – When did you decide i wasn’t worth looking at,
    when did your heart skip a beat and slumber – when did you stop caring
    didn’t you remember your friends ?

    Maybe it’s about someone who had a complete change, and forgot what was important , his friends , and started living in this different world with other people. And stopped caring about what he was meant to care for.


    tell me goshh

    1. I really the the fact that you tried so hard to find it! 😀 But it’s a lot easier to find 😉 I’ll give you a few more hints… One could say that this poem is interactive and one cannot find the last stanza without doing something to the text…

  3. I’ll give it a shot, although I’m sure it’s way off base.

    Are we supposed to put another “when” in the last stanza? When did you not remember your friends? Or, take out the “not”, When did you remember your friends?

    I don’t know the answer but I love puzzles like this!

    1. You’re right! 😀 It’s quite a silly technique if I’m honest but I like it haha… it enables me to embed more personal sentences in poems based on real life events.

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