Meeting Ben Naga and Unread Sci Fi

Last Saturday I met with one of my avid readers, of whose blog I frequently visit, Ben Naga! He is an amazing person and a great poet. We had a lovely time strolling through Manchester, talking about everything from poetry (what else?) to politics and travel. If you have not visited his site and read his poetry I highly recommend it!

Besides Lynne Truss and Ben Naga I have met a range of interesting authors and poets this past month (Nadeem Aslam, GC Waldrep, Audrey Niffenegger, and Ali smith to name a few)! Let’s hope that one day I will be the one to hold a workshop with a group of MA creative writing students.

Speaking of the MA, I better get back to revising some poetry for Monday. I greatly overestimated the amount of free time I would have. I ordered a bunch of books about a month ago that I thought I would have read by now. I haven’t even started! Oh well… At least they look nice on my bed stand.

Sci Fi Novels October

I hope to have another post rather soon, hopefully something about my birthday (which is tomorrow)! Take care, and don’t forget, I still update my twitter and facebook frequently. Don’t forget to check them!

8 thoughts on “Meeting Ben Naga and Unread Sci Fi

  1. He sounds my kind of person. Perhaps you could introduce us? 🙂 Oh, and I haven’t forgotten my promise to e-mail a few more titles to add to your book pile.

    1. Thank you so much for the e-mails! I promise I will get around to it as soon as possible. Time is lacking at the moment (how nice it was to write at your own pace and write the things you wanted when you wanted. At least I’ll hopefully have improved my writing by the end of the MA and be like a completely new and improved writer!).

  2. I am jealous! When I will ever meet you?! Seems like I have to come to England soon! 😛 Have you done any writing for your creative writing course? You should post some if you did!

    1. Soon I hope! 😀 Been very pressed for time lately (as you probably can tell. I have barely touched any social sites for a month! I can’t bury my head in books all the time). Yes that would be amazing if you visited 😀
      I have done loads! I have had the opening of Project 1 critiqued (they loved it, which was a huge relief), and I also wrote the opening of a completely different novel, a Dan Brown-esque thriller, that will be critiqued on Monday… and about 10 Haikus and 10 other poems. Most of the time is either spent listening to authors or reading and critiquing other people’s work.
      There will be posts about my work later – I promise!

    1. I really hope so! Still haven’t started (even though I have done tonnes of reading). They said the MA would literally take control of lives and leave us with about 10 days of rest during the whole year. I have started to realize they were not kidding. Even Christmas is packed with work. But it’s still very fun (and challenging)!

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