Meeting Lynne Truss

Today our class had a lovely workshop with none other than the Queen of punctuation, Lynne Truss! It was wonderful to hear the thoughts of such a humble yet astonishing figure. After the workshop she proceeded to have a short presentation about grammar, followed by a discussion with Jeanette Winterson. Punctuation makes a difference – mind you – and it’s easy to forget, at times, that a single misplaced blob of ink (or a wandering pixel) could change the meaning of a sentence. I am sure you have come across unintentional hilarity several times when revising your own work. It happens rather easy, doesn’t it? Well, you’re not alone. Once I get cracking on some extra-curricular reading I set myself ‘ll get her famous book Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

Eats, shoots and leaves

Meanwhile I’ll trust my instincts and auto-correct. Speaking of auto-correct: Both Jeanette and Lynne wrote with it turned off. I get it, it’s annoying to have blue underlines everywhere, but it also helps me catch an amazing number of mistakes. Maybe I’ll turn it off when I’m 70 and can write like Cormac Mccarthy.

Oh, and by the way, you should check out Lynne’s book! If there’s buzz, there’s a buzzing (Hah! That was lame).

2 thoughts on “Meeting Lynne Truss

  1. I am going to pick on you for a minute, only because I know you won’t be offended. You wrote, “I am sure you have come across unintentional hilarity several times when revision your own work.”

    Instead of ‘revision’, of course it should read, ‘revising’.

    The problem with computer programs is that they fail to analyze the context of the sentences sometimes. Not all the time, but often enough where it isn’t foolproof.

    Human eyes and knowledge of correct grammar/punctuation are still the best tools in editing, IMO.

    You’re not offended, right? 😉

    1. Speaking of hilarity, haha! Thank you for finding that one. And here I thought I kept my eyes open! Maybe I was too trusting in the machine?
      It is just as you say, and just as you just proved, humans are the best editors 😉 Hurray for us!

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