The End Is Approaching

… Of Semester 1! In less than two weeks I have my last Creative Writing workshop and then it’s time to revise and edit like crazy before the January submission deadlines. I would like to say I am complaining (I really am stressed out) but it’s fun to write and edit, to grow and improve as an author. Having a room full of up-and-coming writers, and professionals such as Geoff Ryman, MJ Hyland, Vona Groarke – and next semester Jeanette Winterson and John Mcauliffe – is empowering and truly developing.

I do wish I could update this site weekly like I used to, but at the moment, there’s simply not enough time while I’m on the MA. Lucky for you guys it’s only a year long! But you know that already.

On the other hand you can look forward to a heap of new poetry from the course that I will publish here later! I will also talk about the changes made to them based on workshop feedback and what I’ve learnt in terms of writing poetry. You want a sneak peak? Sorry! You’ll have to wait.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures from my birthday! We wanted to go and eat at Luck Lust Liquor & Burn because they have famous burgers (at least around these parts). Turns out they didn’t take reservations and we had to wait a good 2h if we wanted to eat there. So we walked around for a bit and found another place with amazing burgers: SoLIta

What do you see here? Well – A burger topped with caramelized bacon (I ordered it just to see the wonder!), a lovely Espresso Martini, and a Peanut butter Chocolate Fudge Brownie with Oreo ice cream! My wonderful course friends were there, of course, but I am not sure they’d enjoy having their faces here – so I’ll stick with the food for now.

Birthday - Caramelized bacon Birthday - Espresso Martini Birthday - Oreo cake

But Fred, where are all the pictures of Manchester? Of the University? 

I actually forgot about that. Sort of. I’ll keep that in mind from now on and try to take more pictures. Give you the virtual tour, you know. Until then!

5 thoughts on “The End Is Approaching

  1. Looking forward to reading some of your poetry. Actually it’d be pretty interesting to read the original and then edited versions of your poems, just to see the change 🙂
    I have no idea how you managed to eat all this food. The idea of caramelised bacon nearly made me throw up (seriously)! The espresso martini looks pretty good, though.
    I’ve also been so busy with uni stuff, I don’t think I’ve ever posted so unfrequently before … now I’m on holidays so I hope I will find some time to write things! 🙂 Good luck with the rest of your course, and have wonderful holidays!

    1. The poetry portfolio is done and handed in now (as with my prose portfolio). It contains the original poems, before they were workshopped and edited, as well as the final versions. I can send it to you if you want 😀
      How was your holiday? I know it was a while back now, haha, but still! How was Christmas and NY? 😀

    1. It was great! And I celebrated a bit yesterday as well because I handed in all my portfolio for semester 1 of the MA! Hurray! I hope you are doing well Sandra 🙂

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