Semester 1 done!

Yesterday I handed in all my semester 1 coursework. Hurray for me! I felt liberated, happy, and went for £2 cocktails at Font bar close to the Uni. It was a good day. I was supposed to clean today (I’ve got course papers everywhere) but I slept instead – hah!


3 months of work – all bound and done!

I didn’t spend the last two months just studying. I went to Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry, the Christmas market, and back to Sweden to celebrate Christmas with my family and New Year’s with friends among other things.

Now I need to shower and head over to Lola Lo for a dinner. Stay classy (eh, Fred!) and I’ll be with you shortly, dear readers!

9 thoughts on “Semester 1 done!

  1. I guessed, following the hints in earlier posts, that the course was demanding an awful lot of time and effort. I hope your work will be well received and that the course turns out to be of great personal and professional use also.

    Meanwhile: any news re. your own efforts to get your book published?

    1. I really hope so too! But I think it will. It’s been great so far and I’ve met a tonne of authors. Next semester there will be agents and publishers coming as well.
      I haven’t hear anything yet. The manuscript is still with an agent. I can’t express how much I want the agency to like to novel and sign me. It would mean the world. But we’ll have to wait and see 🙂 I promise to give you any updates! How is your own work going? I see that you have kept up as always – I’m really impressed! I’ll have to read some of it tomorrow 🙂

      1. Yes, as you can see I am beavering away. As for the outcome; that’s up to you to judge. 🙂 And your course work is far more important as you are on the clock. Good to hear from you anyway.

    1. His name’s Mahatma Soppslurk. I think the two of you would be great friends! And that is a modern art piece hanging there on the wall. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

  2. Woohoo, congratulations! Your portfolios look really professional! So are you back in the UK now or still in Sweden?
    As a side note, I haven’t written in ages and it’s annoying me. Every time I try to write I just either run out of things to write about or can’t make anything sound as good as I want it to! It’s been like this for like 2 months now 😦 Any suggestions on how I could over come this?

    1. I was completely cure I replied to this comment back when you wrote it. I feel so horrible now. It’s been a very stressful second semester and I decided just to let the blog rest until it was over (which it will be on Tuesday when I hand everything in). So yes, I’m still in the UK and will be for up to another year. I’ve still got my dissertation to write during the summer and then I’ll do something else (like work or run in circles).

      You’re written a lot more than me (on your blog at least)! I need to catch up now.

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