MA coming to an end

With a month left on my Creative Writing MA I’m tugging away at my dissertation and thinking of the past year that I’ve spent in Manchester. It’s been amazing, frightening, difficult, and fun. Some of you have been in contact with me (via Facebook) inquiring how everything’s going since I haven’t been updating (which I apologize for, but writing about writing when I’m taking a break from writing and editing doesn’t exactly wind me down). I thought I’d share a handful of pictures I’ve taken since my last post in January (wow – that was half a year ago); including are a trip to London, some Manchester pictures, celebrating midsummer in Sweden, and lastly a picture of the gorgeous Speedback GT car, taken at yesterday’s fantastic launch event. My plan is the re-launch the site once I’ve got my MA with a completely new design and regular updates. Don’t forget, to all of those who’ve been requesting more from me, that you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter for frequent updates. Until next time!



7 thoughts on “MA coming to an end

  1. How about the plan to possibly remain in the UK? I think you know I avoid FesseBouche, and Twitter isn’t exactly set up for conversation.

    1. Haha, I can see why you avoid “FesseBouche” and Twitter. I’ve been thinking about removing my accounts but they are quite handy to have every now and again (especially in coalition with this site). I’m actually going to stay in the UK for at least 6 more months! I’m moving to Brighouse late August where I’ll hopefully find something to keep me busy while I write. That’s closer to where you live, isn’t it? I’d love to be able to visit some day!

      1. I think so too! I’d be nice to visit. I’m going to edit my first novel again, send it to an editor, and then rewrite me second book. I was never really happy with it and didn’t know why until quite recently, so a rewrite is in order!

    1. Haha, if I found a random Doctor Who box there’d be a whole post just about it (especially if it was locked. I’d make camp outside just to wait and see if it mysteriously disappeared).

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