The Journey

The Journey


Where have you left me?

All I can do is remain,

and wander.

The gears turn like clockwork.

For whom do I  travel?

I wish…

I could remember.

– F H Hakansson

6 thoughts on “The Journey

    1. Yes I could! Or I’ll try to without giving away any spoilers from my novel (hah!) But the answer below is basically how I treat certain themes in my novel.
      The poem tries to show how humans drift with time and suddenly “wake up” to realise much of their life has passed. Everyone has plans and thinks about what to do later and how their life will turn out to be. Most people run out of time to accomplish these things because time’s gears keep turning “like clockwork.” At the same time it is easy to lose sight of who you were in the past if you get carried too far away by the flow of time. Then you question yourself what you have accomplished and what will become of you. Are you the person you wanted to be? Is this what you thought your life would turn out to be? The answer is almost always “No” and time do pass more quickly than we’d like to acknowledge. Even if we realise what has happened to us and where our lives are heading it could be nice to just take a break and look around – but we can’t even do that. Our life is all just one long journey to the end of our time.

    1. I am so glad you think this way! Seeing as I used the themes, language, and tone of my novel it makes me more confident in my work. I hope you get to enjoy it sometime as well 🙂

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