2nd Draft of Project 2 Complete!

Roughly 10 minutes ago I finished the second draft of my second (yet technically first) novel. Now awaits 6 weeks vacation for me! This means that I’ll begin on the third draft on the 31st of December! … but I probably won’t since it’s New Years. Which means I’ll probably be busy on the 1st of January as well (there’s always the morning after). So on the 2nd of January! hopefully. In any case – I won’t delay any longer than the 3rd of January. Unless I am on vacation somewhere, which is very unlikely, but you never know!


I seem like such a procrastinator when re-reading that paragraph. Oh well. Completing the third draft will probably take two weeks so all of you who have been chosen for the first read (closed beta) of my novel will get your copy around then if everything goes as planned.


Now I can finally go and play some Skyrim!


– F H Hakansson

8 thoughts on “2nd Draft of Project 2 Complete!

  1. I would have expected you to have said something like, “Now I can finally sleep and hang out with friends” and you end up saying “i can finally go and play Skyrim.”
    Oh jeebus 😛

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