More awards!

While enjoying me pre-madlysendingqueryletterstoagentswhowillrejectme period I received two more awards! The first one comes from Will of Heart and it's the "Genuine Blogger Award."   The second award is the "One Lovely Blog" award given by 4am Writer.     Thank you both so much for awarding me with these. It gladdens me that I have … Continue reading More awards!

The Liebster Blog Award

I got a nice little comment by Zahir yesterday. You can check his comment out for yourself here. He nominated me for "The Liebster Blog Award." Most of you probably know what kind of award this is, but since not all of you do, I'll explain it here! The Liebster Blog Award is an award … Continue reading The Liebster Blog Award

Questions about the Live stream

As most of you have noticed there a "Live" section of this website where you can see a direct stream from my webcam. A lot of people message me on facebook saying it's always offline and if it, on rare occasions, is online it's just an empty chair. The truth is - I'm invisible. When … Continue reading Questions about the Live stream