Quick update!

You might ask yourself what’s going on here and why I don’t publish more than one poem a week (as compared to one a day as I used to). It’s quite simple. I’m going to America in a month and I need the first draft of Project 1 to be finished until then which means that nearly all of my writing time is spent on finishing the manuscript. Once I get back I promise everything will be just like before.

By the way – Tomorrow’s poem day! I hope you’ve been looking forward to it.

Since the traffic on this site is steady even though there isn’t much new material (maybe all of you are watching me live?) I’d just like to say that there are several ways to follow me besides this site. One is, as I just mentioned, the live section of this website where I stream nearly every day. Unfortunately I do live in Sweden at the moment so the stream usually online when most of you are sleeping. Let’s hope an agent wants to represent me soon so I can move!

Another way to follow me is to check my twitter every now and again. My instragram photos are posted there as well. Lastly there’s my Facebookย which constantly receives new messages and photos of me.

Remember – I always check my site every day and I answer all of your messages (most of which are sent via Facebook).

Me sitting on a bench near a beach in the south of Sweden where I currently live.

ย – F H Hakansson

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