Questions about the Live stream

As most of you have noticed there a “Live” section of this website where you can see a direct stream from my webcam. A lot of people message me on facebook saying it’s always offline and if it, on rare occasions, is online it’s just an empty chair. The truth is – I’m invisible. When I was a young child my parents wanted a genetically superior child. The result was I. A freak accident drifting the streets like a ghost, invisible to all and everyone. Things such as love and happiness have never applied to me. But I have observed these things. They puzzle me and I wish someone could find me, see me, and break the spell. There is nothing I desire more than to be held in ones arms and looked onto with the eyes of a woman in love.

Or maybe not. But the first part is true, most people either see me offline or they see an empty chair. The simple answer is that I only have my cam online when I do website – or writing – related work. Whenever I do facebooking and all of that the camera’s generally off. The same goes for when I’m in my living room watching a movie or playing games. On rare occasions, however, I forget to turn the stream off and thus you see an empty chair!

The camera is online right now and probably will be for another 10 min. Normally it should be online between 11.00 – 16.00 every day (GMT +1). That’s usually the time it takes for me to finish writing.

The more you know!

– F H Hakansson

5 thoughts on “Questions about the Live stream

  1. Haha tack ska du ha, så gott det hade varit! Skalbaggen var en riktig delikatess! Grattis till ditt färdiga jobb! Hoppas du firar ordentligt nu!

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