The Kubs of the Mountain

The Kubs of the Mountain

Oh the man,

Kubs was his name,

renowned and famed,

for his climbing game.

Climbing mountains,

and peaks of snow,

facing danger,

never feeling low.

But one day a man appeared,

a genie with insidious desires,

who hid in shadows,

and watched the climbing fool.

With a flick of the genie’s wrist,

and Kubs fell down the slope,

for he never used a rope,

and landed in a cist.

He looked around,

confused and angry.

“What’s this? My shades are broken!

Something’s gone deeply awry!”

Yet he kept climbing,

but always with caution,

for in his mind he always knew,

he never fell.

Someone pulled his leg,

and stained his clouded mind,

for at times he heard a voice

“Remember – I still hold your soul.”

This poem is a dedication to a friend who I falsely accused of ruining a photo by standing in the background. It was someone else.

– F H Hakansson

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