II: Glimpse Ahead [& Ayreon – Computer Reign]

Glimpse Ahead A framed picture hangs on the wall: A bald young man tied to a tube-feeding machine, smiling to a world of trees and flowers. At the bottom it says in bright yellow: 14th August 2084 In the glass reflection enclosing the picture An optic lens shows. Perceiving what once was. A metallic raptorial leg steps … Continue reading II: Glimpse Ahead [& Ayreon – Computer Reign]

I need Apps!

After being in a digital queue for over a month my iPhone 5 finally arrived. One of my favorite Apps, one I highly suggest you get if you are on i-devices, is Vocabology. It gathers all the "Word of the day" words from from sites such as Merriam-Webster, Dictionary, Wordsmith, Yahoo Education, and complies them … Continue reading I need Apps!

When writing becomes haunting

I have been back for almost two weeks and only recently began to edit Project 1 (my second novel). In so many ways this is, and probably always will be, the most important text I have written because, as most of you know, I wrote the first sentence of it almost eight years ago when … Continue reading When writing becomes haunting