Oh, mighty titan,

who carries the world on your shoulders.

Will you let me share your burden
and cradle a mountain in my arms?

– F H Hakansson

2 thoughts on “Atlas

  1. I am not quite sure what this is about … and I certainly don’t understand the significance of the title; but, I like the sound of the poem! 😛

    1. haha! Well it’s about how some humans seemingly carry the whole world on their shoulders and thus set everything in motion. They are the ones in control – the ones who can affect and change things. But even if you are small, insignificant, and not able to carry the burden of the world you can still do your part to show your participation. Thus the narrator, who can only hold a mountain, does so knowing it won’t affect the weight pressing on the Titan’s shoulders (however – if many people each carried a mountain then maybe the Titan could take a sigh of relief). Something like that to put it simply 🙂

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