When writing becomes haunting

I have been back for almost two weeks and only recently began to edit Project 1 (my second novel). In so many ways this is, and probably always will be, the most important text I have written because, as most of you know, I wrote the first sentence of it almost eight years ago when … Continue reading When writing becomes haunting

Inspiration: A Poem for Byzantium

Inspiration is a¬†wondrous¬†thing. It can be a picture, a sentence, a thought - and all of a sudden you sit by your computer again, working hard to finish your manuscript after hours of writer's block. This happened a week ago. I was revising Project 1 when I just couldn't rewrite anything any more. I opened … Continue reading Inspiration: A Poem for Byzantium

Old song lyrics

While checking some (very) old folders and files on my computer I came across these song lyrics I wrote around 7-8 years ago. Considering the quality of most modern-hit lyrics I think this would be considered a literary masterpiece in the Top 10 @ 10 on MTV. Warning: Excessive cursing.     Fuck, Fucking School! … Continue reading Old song lyrics