Rebellion of the Livestock

Rebellion of the Livestock

My butt is a delicacy

and you eat it with joy,

and my hide is couture,

now ask how I endure!

For I am mighty and so is my kin,

we plot with dolphins,

and build armies of bears.

You believe you own us,

and all meat within,

but our gas expands,

and burn holes in the sky.

Your race will die,

not knowing why!

Our spleens will mark the world

and the milky way of stars.

Yes – you shiver now – knowing I can speak.

It was once you who said:

Never bite the cow that feeds!

– F H Hakansson

5 thoughts on “Rebellion of the Livestock

    1. Haha I’m glad that it is! I have to admit it was actually difficult to write a somewhat comic poem. I hope I’ll actually write something that’s funny the next time I try something cheerful!

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