Writer’s block? This can help!

I tend to browse Reddit's writing subreddit quite a lot. Authors, both professional and unpublished, as well as agents and editors, hang out there and provide useful information regarding anything from general writing advice, insider advice, to detailed feedback on works-in-progress. A few days ago a website called "Oblique Cards" reached reached /r/writing's front page. … Continue reading Writer’s block? This can help!

Two places to send Sci-Fi stories!

Litreactor's "Teleport Us" event is now over. I don't know how many points I received or how far I made it one the top-list, but I'll tell you once I know! One of the participants, Liam Hogan, suggested two places to send eventual stories after the event. Since all the participants are still waiting for … Continue reading Two places to send Sci-Fi stories!

Of old man’s eyes and bitter lies

Of old man's eyes and bitter lies Often human birds sang of life cocoons of bitter experience filled but butterflies sang of joy no - I cannot comprehend their melody fine rhapsodies of jail time they played but the mortal is beyond comprehension but the mortal is beyond liberation of father of Gods (set in three) give me … Continue reading Of old man’s eyes and bitter lies

XXI: The End

The End Smile and pray No fire fell today But doom falls upon all some day. * Death already came Cloaked in the skin of man. Earth screams in silence and Venus weeps for its sister. * "Thief! Stop!" All turned but no one moved. The cold winter had frozen heart and conscience. * False delusion and greedy … Continue reading XXI: The End

XVII: A Wizard’s Curse

A Wizard's Curse "Reveal thyself, my Master, for I heed your final call." Old man with cane in hand moved from shadows to the land. He appeared to a courtyard boy who sought a kingdom to destroy. "Bleed death on shining armors, kill all those who aren't farmers, I need their toil for winters come, … Continue reading XVII: A Wizard’s Curse