XXI: The End

The End

Smile and pray

No fire fell today

But doom falls upon all some day.


Death already came

Cloaked in the skin of man.

Earth screams in silence

and Venus weeps for its sister.


“Thief! Stop!”

All turned but no one moved.

The cold winter had frozen heart

and conscience.


False delusion and greedy men in power

paint facades in the name of God and progress

when a golden dawn blossom beyond closed eyes.


A techno-city-state grants all we love

but knowledge is hidden above ground

where only one mouth can speak truth


Do we unite as one and divide all equal

– knowing those superior fall behind –

Do we grant absolute justice and freedom

– knowing suffering will grow –


The cycle ends and we sigh in relief

nothing changed.

Yet we all die.


Why are you frightened to transcend your mortality

and the soil from which you were born?

Allow mechanical brains to toil our work

forget labor!

We are no longer tied by chains of destiny.

We could master the world

all that it holds

– and more –

It is wrong to rape nature

and create creatures beyond evolution.

We are the rulers of the universe

the architects of life.

No one should bear our burden

but ourselves

for it brings power.


Mankind is afraid of the mutant,

the tyrant,

the beast.

The New mankind.

The Superior mankind.

Genetics galore

Machines rule forevermore.

We could save the world.

Stem the cells of tomorrow!

God said do not meddle!

Cure the sick and create immortals!

Blasphemy I cry!

(But save some for me in case I die.)

We could be Gods

Why not?

Religious leaders and ethical activists leech upon men of science.

We could be Gods

Why not?

Mankind fears tomorrow and the new race it holds.

We could be Gods

Why not?

Because mankind believes the lie that all are created equal.

It is the greatest myth ever told

after the collective lies creating God and all the names he holds.

Blow up the church!


Blow up the Mosque!


Blow up the temples!


In their place build monuments to science.

Schools and universities

libraries and workstations

all for the people

free for the people

let no indoctrination be held

let them see for themselves

see the truth!

behind the lies.


I fear tomorrow

for the world did not end.

If we do not destroy ourselves,

will madmen and fanatics be allowed to lead?

Why not stop them?

Minorities become Majorities.

A single cell becoming two.


Why seek the middle ages

when we could venture to the stars?

You laugh at children wishing upon Santa

when you wish upon your Prophet every night.

Tell me – who is the child?

Open your eyes


Why live for one generation

when the world could last many a millennia?

Why clasp so desperately to our cradle of Earth

when we could venture and see all the galaxy holds?


Why blame others for the decline of humanity

when you gaze at the ground and walk in silence?

Why be cold and alone

when we could all rejoice in all humanity?


Why only see the difference between left and right

when we live in three dimensions?

Why let mankind clash on ideologies

when we are one single race?


We are but one species in a Universe of many curious eyes looking at each other.

This is not the end

unless you make it so.

The End

–  F H Hakansson

2 thoughts on “XXI: The End

  1. Sjukt fint! Känns verkligen som att du tänk på mig/”de andra” och inte bara på stormakterna, forskarna och NASA 🙂 älskar dig!

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