Two places to send Sci-Fi stories!

Litreactor’s “Teleport Us” event is now over. I don’t know how many points I received or how far I made it one the top-list, but I’ll tell you once I know!

One of the participants, Liam Hogan, suggested two places to send eventual stories after the event. Since all the participants are still waiting for prizes and feedback I thought that maybe there is someone here who might be interested in having a piece of writing published.

Here’s a direct copy-paste

Liars League – 2000 words on Man & Machine, by 7th April

The Redline – 3500 words on “The End of the World” by 30th April. (£50 prize on offer)

They are more or less looking for Sci-Fi stories, as you might have guessed, but maybe you want to explore unfamiliar writing territory and give it a go?

As for now I’ll go back to writing a short story I’ve been struggling with for the past month. Everything should be back to normal (with updates, poetry, articles, and so on) once it’s finished.

– F H Hakansson

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