Writer’s block? This can help!

I tend to browse Reddit’s writing subreddit quite a lot. Authors, both professional and unpublished, as well as agents and editors, hang out there and provide useful information regarding anything from general writing advice, insider advice, to detailed feedback on works-in-progress. A few days ago a website called “Oblique Cards” reached reached /r/writing’s front page. It is a website with “cards” consisting of short sentences meant to break your writer’s block and get you back in the writing game. Sadly, it does not work for me, I was just as blank before as after reading through a few cards. Anyway, I thought maybe you, my readers, might find it useful.

Here’s the link:Β http://oblicard.com/


oblique strategy

– F H Hakansson

4 thoughts on “Writer’s block? This can help!

  1. I haven’t compared them, but there is also “http://minimaldesign.net/os/”, which I like to keep handy, although I rarely employ it for writing. I use it more as a kind of I Ching resource. πŸ™‚

  2. At first I didn’t really understand the concept but now I can see how it can help! Some of the ideas are confusing but others are useful and really make you think, thanks for sharing it. x

    1. Yes! The music/caterpillar thing that I took a screenshot of is an example of a confusing idea (at least for me). Hope you find some use for the site at one point or another πŸ™‚ x

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