XVII: A Wizard’s Curse

A Wizard’s Curse

“Reveal thyself, my Master,

for I heed your final call.”

Old man with cane in hand

moved from shadows to the land.

He appeared to a courtyard boy

who sought a kingdom to destroy.

“Bleed death on shining armors,

kill all those who aren’t farmers,

I need their toil for winters come,

a fiendish king I shall become!”

The old man cried of sorrow,

and dared not face tomorrow,

yet he promised all wishes granted,

for it was his curse to be enchanted.

“I though I’d be summoned by bitches,

whom I would turn to witches.

Tell me, young boy, why your wrath?

Dare you tread no other path?

Tell me of the vengeance you seek,

Are you afraid tomorrow will be bleak?”

“Each day dawned is blessed by the King,

A greater Lord than him could no one bring.”

The wizard narrowed his eyes,

and wondered if he heard lies.

“Then why bring doom upon your kin?

Do you realize this is sin?”

Why you ask as if truly wondering,

there is no reason to be pondering,

close your eyes and listen close –

Why not? is the question you should propose.”

“For the sake of nothing,

you slaughter millions.

“To gain everything,

I enslave billions.”

You are truly an evil man.

The Wizard thought and waved his staff

and the world drowned in a menacing laugh.

A Wizard's Curse

– F H Hakansson

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